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Understanding the Nuances of a Clinical Study Protocol

11 June 2024 | Maria Newerly Fairbank, MSc, PhD | Senior Clinical Research Scientist | Medical Writing Services One of the first recommendations that I received as an entry-level medical writer when I started writing clinical study protocols (or simply called...

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Potency Assurance for Cellular and Gene Therapy Products

16 Apr 2024 | Renee Boerner, Dave Malliaros, Norris Pyle One of the many challenges around developing cell and gene therapy products is establishing representative potency methods. In 2011, the FDA released the Guidance for Industry: Potency Tests for Cellular and...

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Conducting Clinical Trials in Australia

05 Apr 2024 | Nate DiTommaso, Rachel Capone, Renee Boerner Have you ever wondered why some companies choose to do their first in human clinical trials in Australia? Are there any real advantages or are people just looking for an excuse to go to the ‘Land Down Under,’...

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Syner-G Solutions To Navigating Medical Writing From Home

28 March 2024 | Olivia Rivera, PhD and Yael-Natalie H Escobar, PhD When COVID-19 shut down workplaces, remote work became the norm for many, including medical writers. Now, in a post-pandemic world, many medical writers continue working from home, finding their daily...

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