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Partners. Colleagues. An extension of your project team. These are just a handful of the things we strive to become with each of our clients, regardless of the size of the company or the complexity of the project.

But don’t just take it from us – have a look at some case studies to see the types of projects we get involved with and what our clients have to say about us.

Please note that at the time these case studies were first published, Impact Pharmaceutical Services was an independent organization and not part of the Syner-G BioPharma Group.

Successful Partnership Improved Efficiencies and Reduced Overall Spend

About the study: The client is a small, clinical-stage oncology company focused on developing novel medicines for metastatic breast cancer patients. Challenge: Advancing a new registration-ready drug from discovery and phase 1 clinical trials to phase 3 clinical trials is challenging. Managing the manufacturing, quality, and regulatory side of the processes (collectively called CMC – Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) takes a unique team with multiple areas of expertise.

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Establishment of a Long-Term Medical Writing Partnership

Establishment of a Long-Term Medical Writing Partnership In 2009, IMPACT (now part of Syner-G BioPharma Group) was contracted by a mid-size global pharmaceutical company to prepare 2 Phase 3 clinical study reports (CSRs) for a biologic agent for the treatment of...

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The Journey Leading to an Approved NDA

In 2010, following a referral from another company, IMPACT (now part of Syner-G BioPharma Group) was contacted by a mid-size biopharmaceutical company to assist them with an upcoming NDA for a new chemical entity in the treatment of an orphan condition. Over the next...

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