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IMPACT Celebrates Award from 200th Client

Research Triangle Park, NC—November 15, 2021 – In a virtual gathering, Impact Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (IMPACT) (now Syner-G BioPharma Group) team members opened boxes specially curated to evoke the trust and mutual respect that has grown out of our relationships with now more than 200 clients.  In Impact’s 12-year history, we have had the privilege of working with teams across the pharmaceutical industry and around the globe – from virtual biotech teams to Fortune 500 companies.  Each client has played a vital role in IMPACT’s evolution as a company, and each project has allowed us to continue to grow and develop as pharmaceutical professionals.

The value of these mutually beneficial client relationships to IMPACT’s mission cannot be understated.  IMPACT’s core purpose is to develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals.  We firmly believe that we can fully achieve our purpose only through our collaboration with our clients.  IMPACT team members’ knowledge and expertise are enhanced through the interactions with our client teams, and we hope that’s a two-way street.  Additionally, we are inspired by the work that we do in the service of our clients’ drug development programs.  Because of our clients, we have the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge science and promising new therapies – some lifesaving, others quality-of-life enhancing.  Regardless, each new project we are awarded has the potential to have a positive impact on human health.  That’s pretty inspiring.

“I feel extremely grateful for each one of our clients.  We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated set of collaborators to join our mission to develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals.  I feel equally grateful to all of the IMPACT team members, both past and present, who have consistently wowed our clients – from number 1 all the way to number 200,” said Mark Cierpial, CEO.

IMPACT is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Research Triangle Park, NC. Our team consists of drug development professionals who specialize in medical writing and quality control, drug development consulting, regulatory affairs, regulatory operations, and project and program management.

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